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Most of my climbing has been in New Zealand, with most of my international trips being trekking more so than climbing.
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March 2024, Peaks above Mt Fell Hut
February 2024, Mt Campbell to Flora Saddle
February 2024, Red Hills, Richmond Range
January 2024, Iron Hill, Lockett Range
December 2023, Solu Khumbu, Nepal
October 2023, Flora Saddle to Crusader return
October 2023, Red Hills Hut and Beebys Knob
October 2023, Flagtop and Kea Hut
August 2023, Mt Campbell to Hoary Head return
March 2023, South Twin via Ellis Basin
August 2022, Carkeek from Poads Rd
August 2022, Old Ghost Road
June 2022, Rome Ridge Avalanche Peak traverse
June 2022, Mt Philistine, Arthurs Pass
April 2022, Rangioteatua circuit, Ruahine Ranges
February 2022, Ella Range circuit, Nelson Lakes
January 2022, Wilkin Sibera Young
November 2021, Brodrick Pass
November 2021, Divers Col
November 2021, Aylmer & Hochstetter Dome
November 2021, Tasman Glacier
October 2021, Wye Creek tops
October 2021, Ringatoto Tahurangi circuit
July 2021, The Remutaka Cheval
May 2021, Maungamahue bivvy, Ruahine Ranges
March 2021, Colenso Spur to Waipawa River, Ruahine Ranges
February 2021, Scott Creek to Greenstone River
January 2021, Mitre via Table Ridge, Tararua Ranges
December 2020, Northern Crossing, Tararua Ranges
October 2020, Mt Cupola, Nelson Lakes
August 2020, three saddles, Nelson Lakes
July 2020, Jumbo, Tararua Ranges
May 2020, Mt Ruapehu circuit
February 2020, Toka Biv, Ngamoko Range
January 2020, Waimakariri Falls and Harman Pass
January 2020, Mt Taranaki via Tahurangi Lodge
December 2019, Ama Dablam BC, Thonak, Renjo La, Khumbu, Nepal
September 2019, Richmond traverse
July 2019, Mt Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak
June 2019, Cinerama Col
May 2019, South Ridge Mt Travers
March 2019, Mt Somers
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationMarch 2019, Holdsworth Aokaparangi
Lewis Pass New Zealand mountain images and informationFebruary 2019, Lewis Tops & Mt Haast
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationJanuary 2019, Neill Ridge Bull Mound circuit
Mt Brewster New Zealand mountain images and informationOctober 2018, Mt Brewster via south west face
Mt Rolleston New Zealand mountain images and informationSeptember 2018, Mt Rolleston via Rome Ridge
Bush Stream Canterbury New Zealand mountain images and informationAugust 2018, Bush Stream
Te HeuHeu New Zealand mountain images and informationJuly 2018, Te HeuHeu SE Ridge
Mt Evans New Zealand mountain images and information - occasionalclimber.co.nzMay 2018, Mt Evans
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationApril 2018, Tararua Peaks
Kahurangi New Zealand mountain images and informationMarch 2018, 7 day circuit, Kahurangi National Park
Mitre Peak New Zealand mountain images and information - occasionalclimber.co.nzJanuary 2018, Mitre Peak
Ball Pass New Zealand mountain images and information - occasionalclimber.co.nzJanuary 2018, Ball Pass and Kaitiaki Peak
Find specific mountain images and information easily Khumbu Nepal HimalayaDecember 2017, Gokyo Ri, Renjo La, Sundur Peak, Khumbu, Nepal
Mt Travers New Zealand mountain images and informationOctober 2017, Mt Travers
Tongariro New Zealand mountain images and informationAugust 2017, Tongariro crater circuit
Tongariro New Zealand mountain images and informationAugust 2017, Tongariro
Orongorongo New Zealand mountain images and information.August 2017, Mt Matthews
Taranaki New Zealand mountain images and information.July 2017, Mt Taranaki via Tahurangi Lodge
Annette Plateau Mt Cook New Zealand mountain images and informationMarch 2017, Annette Plateau & Mt Kitchener
Ruahine New Zealand mountain images and informationFebruary 2017, Northern circuit, Ruahines
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationDecember 2016, Bannister circuit, solo
mt-cook-nov2016-0104-250x175November 2016, Mt Wakefield
Mount Aspiring New Zealand mountain images and informationNovember 2016, The Quarterdeck
New Zealand Darran mountain images and informationJuly 2016, Mt McPherson/Traverse Pass
Australia mountain images and informationJuly 2016, Mt Kosciuszko
Find specific mountain images and information easily South Island Canterbury Cloudy Peak New ZealandApril 2016, SW Ridge Cloudy Peak
Mt Peel Mar16-0076 250x175March 2016, Mt Peel
MitreBaldy Feb16-0040 250x175February 2016, Mitre Baldy circuit
Dundas Hut Feb16-0047 250x175February 2016, Dundas Hut circuit
Nepal Dec 2015 -1094 250x175December 2015, Imja Tse, guided, Khumbu, Nepal
Nepal Dec 2015 -0898 250x175December 2015, Kongma La, Pokhalde, guided, Khumbu, Nepal
Footstool Nov15 -0151 250x175November 2015, the Footstool
Mt Temple Aug15 -0096 250x175August 2015, Mt Temple & attempt on Mt Rolleston
Darrans Jul15 -0038 250x175July 2015, the Darrans
JunctiontopJun15-0076 250x175June 2015, Junction Top
Mangaweka May15-0104 250x175May 2015, Mangaweka Peak, solo
Mt Owen Apr15-0075 250x175April 2015, Mt Owen & Billies Knob, solo
Godley Feb15-0297 250x175February 2015, Mt Forbes
Godley Feb15-0153 250x175February 2015, Mt Sibbald
Hector-Kap Jan15-0001 250x175January 2015, Mt Hector to Kapakapanui, solo
Mt Arthur Jan15-0047 250x175January 2015, Mt Arthur
Dundas Hut Dec14-0069 250x175December 2014, Dundas Hut & Logan Peak
M Brewster Nov14-0070 250x175November 2014, Mts Armstrong & Brewster (no summit), guided

Taranaki 2014 250x175August 2014, Mount Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak, solo
Girdlestone Jul 2014 250x175July 2014, Girdlestone and Tahurangi – Mount Ruapehu, solo
Darrans Jul 2014 250x175July 2014, Darrans – attempt on Mount McPhearson/Talbot traverse repelled by poor weather/snow conditions
Mt McGregor Jul 2014 250x175July 2014, Angle Knob, Mount McGregor, Broken Axe Pinnacles – Tararuas, solo
Mitre Peak May 2014 250x175May 2014, Mitre Peak and Girdlestone – Tararuas, solo
Hikurangi Apr 2014 250x175April 2014, Mt Hikurangi, solo

Chancellor Dome Feb 2014 250x175February 2014, Recce to Mount Tasman, poor weather/snow conditions prevent climbing, out via Chancellor Dome, guided
Nth India Jan14-0293A 250x175December 2013, Singalila Ridge trek, West Bengal
Ruapehu Aug 2013August 2013, high route from Tahurangi Saddle, around Crater Lake – Mount Ruapehu, solo
Mt Earnslaw Mar 2013 250x175March 2013, Mount Earnslaw East – Aspiring National Park
Leary Peak Mar 2013 250x175March 2013, O’Leary Peak – Aspiring National Park, solo
Ngauruhoe Jan 2013 250x175January 2013, Mount Ngauruhoe

Remarkables Dec 2012 250x175December 2012, traverse of Single and Double Cones – Remarkables, guided
Mt Cook Dec 2012 250x175December 2012, Aoraki/Mount Cook via Linda Glacier, guided
ANZAC East Dec 2014 250x175December 2012, ANZAC East, guided
Dome Dec 2012 250x175December 2012, Glacier Dome, guided
Mitre Peak Jun2012 250x175July 2012, Girdlestone, Mitre, Tahurangi – Mount Ruapehu
Tukino Jun 2012 250x175June 2012, Cathedral Rocks via east side – Mount Ruapehu

Mt Olivia Jan 2012 250x175January 2012, family trip to Mueller Hut and Mount Ollivier
Mt Sebastopol Jan 2012 250x175January 2012, Mount Sebastopol – Mount Cook National Park
Te HueHue Mar 2011 250x175March 2011, Te HeuHeu – Mount Ruapehu
Avalanche Peak Jan 2011 250x175January 2011, Avalanche Peak, Arthur’s Pass
Ruapehu Jan 2001 250x175January 2011, The Dome – Mount Ruapehu
Taranaki Jan 2010 250x175December 2010, Mount Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak

Ngauruhoe July 2010 250x175July 2010, Mounts Ngauruhoe and Tongariro
Taranaki Jan2010 250x175January 2010, Mount Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak
Nepal Dec09_0352A 250x175December 2009, Gokyo Ri, Cho La – Khumbu, Nepal
Ruapehu Jun 2009June 2009, Tahurangi and Paretitaitonga – Mount Ruapehu
Mt Hopeless Apr 2009 250x175April 2009, Mount Hopeless via Sunset Saddle/Hopeless Hut
Mt Angelus Apr 2009 250x175April 2009, Angelus Peak, Nelson Lakes

Tongariro Jan 2009 250x175January 2009, Mount Tongariro and Emerald Lakes
Taranaki 2008 250x175August 2008, Mount Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak
Cupola Ridge July 2008 250x175July 2008, attempt on Mount Cupola squashed by poor weather and avalanche risk
Single_Cone_028A 250x175May 2008, attempt on Single Cone defeated by poor snow conditions – Remarkables
Taranaki 2007 250x175September 2007, Sharks Tooth and main summit via Tahurangi Lodge – Mount Taranaki
Tappy Aug 2007 250x175August 2007, Tapuae o Uenuku, Inland Kaikouras

Pinnacles July 2007 250x175July 2007, Pinnacles – Mount Ruapehu, solo
Ruapehu July 2007 250x175July 2007, Tahurangi – Mount Ruapehu
Girdlestone Jul 2006 250x175July 2006, Girdlestone – Mount Ruapehu, solo
Khumbu06_0059_April13A 250x175April 2006, Renjo La, Cho La, Everest BC – Khumbu, Nepal
Girdlestone Aug 2005 250x175August 2005, Girdlestone – Mount Ruapehu
Ruapehu Jul 2005 250x175July 2005, Tahurangi – Mount Ruapehu, solo

Te HueHue Sep 2004 250x175September 2004, Te HeueHeu – Mount Ruapehu
Mt Aspiring Jan 2003 250x175January 2003, Mount Aspiring via Mount Bevan and Ramp
Tukino 0018 July 2002 250x175July 2002-3-4, AIC student/assistant, Mounts Ruapehu and Taranaki
Mt Sebastopol Nov 2001 250x175November 2001, Mount Sebastopol – Mount Cook National Park
Taranaki 2000 250x175June 2000, Mount Taranaki via Tahurangi Lodge, guided
Langtang_082ANovember 1999, Tserko Ri – Langtang, Nepal

Ngauruhoe Oct 1999 250x175October 1999, Mount Ngauruhoe
Japan IMG0070A 250x175August 1998, Mount Fuji – Japan, guided
Baltistan_116A 250x175August 1997, K2 Base camp and Gondokhoro La – Baltistan, Pakistan, guided
Meuller_Hut_Mar97_0013 250x175March 1997, Mueller Hut and Mount Ollivier – Mount Cook National Park
Indonesia IMG0050 250x175June 1996, Gunung Merapi – Central Java, Indonesia, guided
Indonesia IMG0099 250x175Apr 1996, Gunung Sinabung – Sumartra, Indonesia, guided

Taranaki 1995 250x175December 1995, Sharks tooth – Mount Taranaki, guided
Copland Pass 1995 250x175October 1994, Copland Pass – Mount Cook National Park, guided
Rongbuk_019A 250x175October 1992, Pang La, Everest BC, Lamna La – Tibet
Norway IMG0035June 1992, Higravstinden – Lofoten Islands, Norway
Greece IMG0030 250x175May 1992, Mount Olympus – Greece
Indonesia IMG0029A 250x175December 1991, Gunungs Batur and Agung – Bali, solo

Tararua Peaks Mar 2013 250x175March 2013, Tararua Peaks, solo
Wakefield Ridge Jan 2011 250x175January 2011, Wakefield Ridge – Mount Cook National Park
Kapakapanui Mar 2010 250x175March 2010, Kapakapanui – Tararuas
Mt Mathews Aug 2006 250x175August 2006, Mount Mathews – Orongorongas
Mt Hector Jan 2005 250x175January 2005, Mount Hector – Tararuas
Mt Holdsworth 2001 250x1752001, Mount Holdsworth – Tararuas

In 2002 I signed up for the New Zealand Alpine Club’s winter Alpine Instruction Course, the AIC. For anyone wanting to get into the mountains this is a smart move. For not very much money, over the course of three weekends on the mountain, combined with three midweek tutorials back in Wellington, I got a really great introduction to all the main facets of mountaineering. Basic technical skills including using crampons and walking axe, self arrest techniques in case of a fall on snow slopes, placement of a range of different anchors on rock and in snow, belaying, abseiling, roping up for glacier travel and crevasse extraction. Safety measures including assessment of terrain, snow and weather conditions and the use of avalanche transceivers. Basic map reading and navigation techniques. Gear management! I still embarrass myself with silly oversights and clumsy mistakes on that front. And also an insight into the philosophy of mountaineering and the opportunity to meet some very experienced members of its fraternity.

While actually on the mountain during the course I quickly realised that skills learnt inside a cosy hut need to be practised over and over again before they can successfully be applied in a blizzard with all my bulky climbing gear on. The simplest mistake, like having a glove ripped away in the wind, can be life threatening when high up on a mountain in winter. This and all the other insights I gained on the AIC, made me realise that going climbing by default definitely did not qualify me as a mountaineer.

After my first season in winter 2002 I took the opportunity to return for a further two seasons as an assistant instructor. This gave me the opportunity to stay fully engaged with the course curriculum long enough for my head to stop spinning.