Occasional Climber

  • Shadow

    Mt Taranaki’s dawn shadow (left), Fantham’s Peak

  • Encrusted

    Mt Taranaki and rime ice encrusted Syme hut

  • Go south

    Dawn view south from Aokaparangi, Tararuas

  • Breach

    Cloud pours through a low point in the Tararua Range

  • Tararua dawn

    View west to Mount Hector

  • Troubled waters

    Mt Taranaki and Pouakai Tarn, New Zealand

  • Alpenglow

    Approaching the SE ridge of Te HeuHeu

  • SE Ridge

    Te HeuHeu, Mt Ruapehu

  • North Crater

    Walking the light fantastic, Tongariro National Park

  • Calm …

    … before the storm, Mt Taranaki

  • Incoming

    Changing conditions on Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

  • View west to Mt Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe, from the Kaimanawas

  • Day break

    Dawn view on the saddle beneath Tiraha, Ruahines

  • Volcano

    Dusk view from the Ruahines across to Mt Ruapehu

  • Vapour flood

    Summit view from Tiraha, looking west, Ruahines

  • Ohuinga view

    Looking east and south from Ohuinga, Ruahines

  • Hogs back

    Alien arrival – dawn view east from near Iron Peg, Ruahines

  • Dawn

    Dawn view south east from Arete Bivy, Tararuas

  • Jewel

    The tarn just above Arete Bivy, Tararuas

  • From Arete

    Arete summit view south west to Lancaster and the main Tararua Range

  • Tararua Goblins

    Goblin forest on the ridge between Cow Creek and Blue Range Hut

  • Rugged traverse

    The rocky ridge between Girdlestone and Adkin, Tararuas

  • Ruahine dawn

    Tongariro National Park, seen from above Purity Hut, Ruahines

  • Elder dusk

    Sunset from Elder Hut, Tararuas

  • Tararua haven

    Dundas Hut from Pukemoremore Peak

  • Weather maker

    Mt Taranaki

  • Up

    To Fantham’s Peak, Mt Taranaki, NZ

  • View north

    From the summit of Mt Ngauruhoe, NZ

  • Ruakumaras

    View from Ruatoria towards Hikurangi

  • Hikurangi view

  • Crater rim

    Mt Ngauruhoe

  • Taranaki/Mt Egmont

    Viewed from Tongariro

  • Paretetaitonga

    Looking towards the main summit on Ruapehu

  • Ruapehu dawn

  • Girdlestone

    Southern end of Mt Ruapehu

  • Ruapehu (2,797m)

    Highest peak of North Island, NZ

  • Volcanic

    Summit view, Mt Ngauruhoe, NZ

  • Spine

    Looking south from Mt McGregor along the spine of the Tararuas

  • Jumbo dawn

    View from Jumbo Hut, Tararuas, NZ

  • Spine

    View north along the spine of the Tararuas, NZ

  • Mitre

    View of Mitre Peak, highest point in the Tararuas, NZ

  • Icy fingers

    Summit rime ice, Mt Taranaki

  • Taranaki

    Summit rime, Mt Taranaki (2,518m)

  • Crater scape

    In the crater of Mt Taranaki

  • Summit cone

    Mt Taranaki’s main summit from Fantham’s Peak

  • Plateau

    Ruapehu’s summit plateau from Tukino Peak

  • Tahurangi

    Ruapehu summit view (2,797m)

  • Volcanic Alps

    View to Ruapehu’s summit from Mitre Peak

  • Traverse

    To Mitre Peak on Ruapehu, NZ

  • Girdlestone

    View to the main summit of Ruapehu

  • Rime

    On Girdlestone, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

  • Hot & cold

    Crater Lake, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

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