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Tararua Ranges

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Carkeek from Poads Rd Aug 2022
Mitre via Table Ridge Jan 2021
Northern Crossing Dec 2020
Joe’s track Sep 2020
Jumbo return Jul 2020
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationHoldsworth Aokaparangi Mar 2019
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationNeill Ridge Bull Mound circuit Jan 2019
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationTararua Peaks Apr 2018

Cone Hut New Zealand mountain images and informationCone Hut February 2018
Cattle Ridge New Zealand mountain images and informationCattle Ridge Feb 2018
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationBannister circuit Dec 2016
Tararua New Zealand mountain images and informationCow Creek Aug 2016
MitreBaldy Feb16-0029 pan 200x140Mitre Baldy circuit Feb 2016
Dundas Hut Feb16-0045 200x140Dundas Hut circuit Feb 2016
Hector-Kap Jan15-0073 200x140Mt Hector to Kapakapanui Jan 2015
Dundas Hut Dec14-0060 200x140Dundas Hut & Logan Peak Dec 2014
Mt McGregorJul14-0048 200x140Broken Axe Pinnacles Jul 2014
Mitre Peak May14-0066 200x140Mitre Peak & Girdlestone May 2014
Maungahuka Mar13-0013 200x140Tararua Peaks Mar 2013
Mt Hector Oct12-0027 200x140Mt Hector Oct 2012

KapakapanuiNov12-0015Kapakapanui Mar 2010 & Nov 2012
Southern_Crossing_Aug09_0091 200x140Southern Crossing Aug 2009
Mt_Holdsworth_Apr_07_0028 200x140Jumbo to Mt Holdsworth Apr 2007
Mt_Holdsworth_Apr_07_0068 200x140Other trips via Powell Hut
Mt_Hector_Nov05_0043Mt Hector Nov 2005
Mt_Hector_05_0021 2999x2000Mt Hector Jan 2005

See the location of the fifteen points in the Tararua Ranges above 1,500 metres

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