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Via Tahurangi Lodge Jan 2020
Via Fantham’s Peak Jul 2019
Taranaki New Zealand mountain images and informationVia Tahurangi Lodge Jul 2017
Taranaki-Aug2014-thumbVia Fantham’s Peak Aug 2014
Taranaki-Jan2010-thumbVia Fantham’s Peak Jan & Dec 2010
Taranaki-Aug2008-thumbVia Fantham’s Peak Aug 2008
Taranaki-Sep2007-thumbVia Tahurangi Lodge Sep 2007
Climb00_0013 200x140Via Tahurangi Lodge 1995, 2000, 2003
Pouakai New Zealand mountain images and informationPouakai Range Jul 2018
Pouakai and Pukeiti New Zealand mountain images and informationPouakai Range Jan 2018
Taranaki-longview-thumbLong views

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The shining peak

My first alpine climb in New Zealand was a guided one in 1995, up Mount Egmont (2,518m) or, in Maori, Taranaki meaning ‘shining mountain peak’. In the right light Taranaki, standing proud and aloof to the south west of the Tongariro group, does indeed shine beautifully. Being born and raised in New Plymouth, Taranaki is ‘my’ mountain.

The first ascent of Taranaki was made in 1839 by a European explorer Ernest Dieffenbach, who discovered that “the slope of the snow was very steep and we had to cut steps in it as it was frozen on the surface. Higher up we found some support on large pieces of rugged scoriae.”