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KHUMBU – readers’ feedback

Dad just opened his Fathers’ Day present a wee bit earlier. KHUMBU arrived today. He is absolutely in delight. Beautiful book. Oh my!

Rach Dunnett

Tashi delek Peter. I’ve already given away a couple of copies of KHUMBU and there will be more. In these Covid times your book is a great way of visiting this amazing place and seeing in your wonderful panoramas a glimpse of what those mountains are like in real life. And I loved the way you give such an important role to Pasang Dorje and Nima and your close friendship with them.

Michael Gill

Your book is something of a masterpiece Peter! The text is thoughtful and engaging, a pleasure to read. And the text backs up the immediate appeal of the book, the photos. They are simply stunning – crisp, sharp, not too saturated, nice and clear, and wonderfully evocative. Some are masterpieces on their own! They absolutely justify the large format book size. I also like that you have kept the text short and concise, making it stronger and more accessible. So often these books get bogged in long pages of text that I suspect go unread. Not this. I also love the enquiring nature of the writing – viewpoints backed up by facts and figures. The reflection on where Khumbu is going, without trying to direct it. The personal story woven through the book conveys a connection that holds those thoughts in context.

Geoff Spearpoint

I finished KHUMBU today. What an outstanding book! It works at so many levels – as a photographic book; a travel story; an examination of the big issues on tourism, technology, culture and climate; and of course, underpinning it all, the wonderful kinship story.

David Barnes

I am not a climber, nor had any inclination to be one until I read KHUMBU. Your photos are just magnificent. I pored over every one of them and every page and just really wanted to be there! Thank you for opening up Khumbu for me and helping me to think hard about how to protect our planet.

Heather Harris

My Mum has been to Nepal but only fleetingly. She’s absolutely loving KHUMBU – raving about it. She’s particularly enjoying the writing. The photos are outstanding but the stories behind them are what makes them shine.

Jane Morris

I’ve really enjoyed reading KHUMBU. The story is well written and the maps and photos are superb. I’ve read books about Everest, but not appreciated the valleys and plateaus around it. Peter’s observations on village life as tourism expands, with airfields, bridges, roads and then too many tourists is a lesson for us all. What a great book!

Jenny Easton

I loved how you described all that makes up the region, over many journeys. The time taken to really get to know one area shines through in the sincerity of your explanations. Plus multiple aspects and narratives of the same places meant I got to enjoy my growing ability to recognise peaks, passes and villages before reading the captions. I now feel like I have a genuine start to an understanding of Khumbu. Nepal had seemed generic big mountains to me, but this is the first book I’ve read which has really given me a feel for the specific place. The book is as much about coming of age for your boys, as it is for Khumbu and yourself. Each story is woven within the others, interrelated. Thank you very much for the gift of a great read, eye filling images and sincerely given knowledge.

Dan Clearwater

I visited Nepal and trekked the Himalaya on a number of occasions. Reading KHUMBU brought back many fond memories of the people, culture and the mountains. I am 70 now and know that I may never return to Nepal and the Himalaya. So thank you for a great read, and many inspiring photos.

Jim Park

My copy arrived yesterday. My son Kerry should have his by now too. Started skimming through it last night and it implores you to ‘get a life,’ don’t worry about the mortgage, acquiring material possessions, and simply getting old without doing anything. I’m looking forward to reading it closely.

Greg Walton

It’s a wonderful book, Peter. I’m hugely enjoying it, and the opportunity it has given me to re-live some of the experiences I had in Khumbu in 1991.

Nigel Roberts

A truly beautiful book I got lost in within moments of reading, staying on the map on page 10 for 40 minutes or so, as I relived the trail I trekked many years ago.


Fantastic book, brings back so many memories reading it and looking at the photos. I can relate to the fun of taking your lads hiking in Khumbu, I took my ten year old daughter and wife there in 2010 and we still talk about it.

Geoff Hughes

I’ve been reading KHUMBU with great pleasure, partly because of the outstanding mountain photography, and also for the accounts of your journeys with your sons and Sherpa friends, which give an added personal dimension to the treks. I’ve found it fascinating too to read of the changes you’ve observed in the region over those 30 years. Congratulations on your book, which brought back so many of these memories for me.

Arnott Potter

I have appreciated how you presented KHUMBU and told the stories of your travels there. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’ve never been to Khumbu myself, but grew up in Switzerland, and many photographs in KHUMBU allowed me to feel the air of my youth again.

Marco Brenna

I’ve just finished KHUMBU. Fantastic! Not only great photos but what a great thing to have done with all three of your children and making and maintaining your friendship with the Sherpa family.

Bruce Davies

What a stunning coffee table book representing a lifetime of experiences. Mark, the person I gave it to, was blown away with the photography and essence you captured.

Heather Ware

Huge congratulations. It’s been a labour of love of course, but a universal story, beautifully presented, so will appeal to everyone! Mine’s ordered and a few more for gifts seems likely!

Graham Budd