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Aoraki Mt Cook via Linda Glacier, Dec 2012

The classic view from Lake Pukaki on the approach to Mount Cook Village
Mt Sefton and The Footstool, towering over Mount Cook Village
Chopper view of braided rivers feeding Lake Pukaki
Elie De Beaumont ahead, on the approach to Plateau Hut
The gigantic Caroline Face, with Cinerama Col far right
Icefalls on the Caroline Face
Hochstetter Icefall, with Mt Tasman and Silberhorn looming above. Plateau Hut is the dot on the right, with the pyramid of Mt Dixon above
Another view of Plateau Hut (2,200m)
The East Face of Aoraki Mt Cook with the Hochstetter Icefall in the foreground. Zubriggen Ridge is the rock on the right side leading to the main summit. The East ridge is on the left in profile
A view down the Hochstetter Icefall to the Tasman Glacier and Lake Pukaki beyond
Plateau Hut and separate Throne room with Aoraki behind and the ANZAC Peaks/Cinerama Col at left
The Hochstetter Icefall and Plateau Hut
Our upward taxi to Plateau Hut departs
Inside Plateau Hut
2 climbers descend the Linda Glacier. Mt Dampier (3,440m) looms directly above them and the Summit Rocks lead up to the summit icecap of Aoraki above left
Climbers returning across the Grand Plateau
The east face of Aoraki, with Cinerama Col separating the ANZAC Peaks left and the East Ridge
Malte Brun (3,199m)
The Malte Brun range at sunset
Malte Brun at sunset
Malte Brun range at dawn
Aoraki, Silberhorn and Tasman dominate this dawn scene
Aoraki at dawn
Clouds swirling over Silberhorn (3,300m) and Tasman (3,497m)
Silberhorn (3,300m)
Cirrus clouds warning of an impending weather change
Silberhorn at sunset
A sunset worth pausing for
After departing Plateau Hut at 2am, here we are on the lower section of the Linda Glacier, about 2,400m
A dawn view of Mt Tasman below the Linda Shelf, about 3,000m
The sunset just got better and better, just before setting off up the Linda Shelf
Gary leading up the Linda Shelf
Reaching the ridge above the Linda Shelf below the Summit Rocks, about 3,200m
The view east from below the Summit Rocks
Nearing the Summit rocks
Setting up protection at the base of the Summit Rocks, about 3,350m
Selfie from above the Summit Rocks, looking north. The top of the Hochstetter Icefall and the tiny dot of Plateau Hut are near the bottom right
View from about 3,550m to Mt Tasman
Approaching the summit icecap at about 3,600m
On the ridge above the Summit rocks, with the Malte Brun range below
Crossing the schrund on to the summit icecap at about 3,650m
Ascending the icecap - north end of the summit ridge dead ahead
On the summit ridge, looking north, at 3,719m (using the new official height). The true summit is about 50 meters south and 5 metres higher than this point along the icey summit ridge
Had to be done - the official "I was there" shot, looking south at 10am
Looking south along the summit ridge to the true summit (3,724m), middle (3,717m) and low peaks (3,593m)
A wider summit view south with La Perouse, Sefton and the main divide stretching away into the distance
Another view near the Summit Rocks looking north towards the Tasman Saddle
A crevass in the Linda Glacier on the descent
Crevass on the Linda Glacier
Seracs on the Linda Glacier


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