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The Darrans, July 2015

Dawn view back to Mt Crosscut from beneath Homer Saddle
On the approach to Homer Saddle - Mt McPhearson left of centre and Mt Talbot right
View from Homer Saddle, with Mt Crosscut behind
View from Homer Saddle east to Mt Talbot (2,015m left), Mt Crosscut (2,263m centre) and Mt Belle (1,965m right)
Talbots Ladder is left, seen from Homer Saddle. Mt Talbot at right
Talbots Ladder from Homer Saddle
Snow boarder launching off Homer Saddle
Above Homer Saddle, on the lower section of Talbots Ladder
Near the top of Talbots Ladder
View east from near the top of Talbots Ladder, with Mt Crosscut (2,263m left), Mt Christina (2,474m left of centre) and Mt Belle (1,965m right of centre)
Descending Talbots Ladder
Descending Talbots Ladder
Descending Talbots Ladder
Skiers below Homer Saddle at dusk. Mts Crosscut and Christina behind
Mount Belle at dusk, from Homer Saddle
Dawn approach to some mixed climbing beneath Mt McPherson (1,931m). Talbots Ladder centre, Mt McPherson sunlit right of Talbots Ladder
On the approach to a climb on Midnight Cowboy, beneath Mount McPherson
Al Walker, King of the Darrans
Climbing on Midnight Cowboy, with Mounts Crosscut and Christina behind
Icicles beneath Mt McPherson
Steve Fortune and Ben Dare putting up a new route beneath Mt McPherson
Topping out on the new route, which started directly to the right of the black buttress bottom right
Climbers topping out on their new route
Upper Hollyford River, near Cirque Creek
Life at Homer Hut during the Otago NZAC winter meet
French flair in action at Homer Hut - flambe!
View south from the Homer Hut carpark
View up the Gertrude Valley. Barrier Knob on the right skyline
On the ascent to Gertrude Saddle
View north east at Gertrude Saddle (1,411m)
View north east at Gertrude Saddle
View north east from Gertrude Saddle
Commencing the climb above Gertrude Saddle to Barrier Knob
Nearing Barrier Knob, with Mt Crosscut left and Mt Talbot right
Approaching Barrier Knob (1,879m)
View from Barrier Knob, with Mt Crosscut ahead
Descending to Gertrude Saddle
Above Gertrude Saddle
Gertrude Saddle is left, beyond the climber
Just above Gertrude Saddle
Above the Black Lake, with Mt Crosscut ahead
Crossing the frozen Black Lake
Exiting Gertrude Valley, with Mts Belle and Moir ahead
Dawn view from the Homer Tunnel road (Highway 94), towards Cirque Creek

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