Occasional Climber

Bush Stream, August 2018

Keeping low near the head of the valley at 1,150m, as our lift prepares to depart
Our chopper departs, Mt Brown behind
Our campsite at 1,150m, looking south to Mauka Atua, hidden in clouds
Across Bush Stream, climbing onto the flanks of Mt Brown (2,168m) to the north
Paul leading a 60m pitch up a couloir to 1,500m
Climbing a 60m pitch up a couloir to 1,500m
Kim, first time in crampons and loving it, nearing the top of the pitch
Piotr belaying Kim
The kids were having fun
Kim abseiling back down
Back at camp at dawn next morning, Mauka Atau (2,557m) now visible
A view beyond camp west, up to the head of Bush Stream and the walls of the cirque containing it
A view the other way, south east, down Bush Stream
Heading away from camp, up the wall to the west, in search of some nice ice to climb
The couloir we climbed
Looking down the couloir from about 1,400m
The view east, down Bush Stream, from the shelf we used to access the ice. Our campsite is near where the stream leading out of the couloir meets Bush Stream. The couloir we climbed the day before is just visible at top centre, across the valley
Traversing the shelf to the ice pitch
Piotr and Kim about to traverse the shelf
James leading a vertical 20 metre pitch - taking it calmly
James about to climb over the lip exiting the steepest section of the pitch
Me battling to follow up James' top rope. Photo Kim Phongkaso
James belaying Paul, who has cleared the lip above the steep section
Considering a second pitch. Yeah, but nahhh
James abseiling down the pitch he led
James abseiling down the pitch he led
Heading west to the end of Bush Stream cirque
We had some company in the cirque
But they weren't keen to chat
At about 1,900m, looking east back down to Bush Stream and our campsite
The view from 2,150m at the top of the cirque wall, taking in Mt Brown (left), the cirque wall leading south to Mauka Atua, Dobson River valley, right and the Naumann Range, far right
The view from 2,150m at the top of the cirque wall, west to Dobson River valley and the Naumann Range
Piotr on the descent back to camp, here at about 2,000m
A parting view of Mauka Atua, just before our chopper pickup

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