Occasional Climber

Mangaweka Peak, May 2015

On the approach to the road end. Mangaweka Peak (1,731m) is the highest point on the ridge at the right end
View back to the road end (600m) from 900m, just before entering the Ruahine Forest Park. To cross the privately owned farmland below requires advanced permission from the farmer - call Richard on 06 382 5856
Approaching Purity Hut (1,320m)
From about 1,500m, looking up the ridge to Wooden Peg (1,672m, far right). From there, Iron Peg (1,703m) is the next high point and Mangaweka Peak (1,731m) is beyond the skyline beneath the Moon
A closer look towards Mangaweka Peak
From 1,600m, looking back down the ridge towards Purity Hut
Looking up the ridge towards Wooden Peg, in cloud
Hunters returning with their kills before sunset
Ruapehu, viewed from about 1,500m
The south eastern aspect of Ruapehu
Viewed at 1,400m, from left, Mangaweka (beneath the Moon), Iron Peg and Wooden Peg
Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe from above Purity Hut
Purity Hut at sunset
Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe at dawn from above Purity Hut
Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe at dawn from about 1,400m
Back at 1,600m beneath Wooden Peg - at the end of my snow plugging of the evening before
On Iron Peg (1,703m), looking towards Mangaweka Peak. Not much height gain to go but a lot of knee deep soft snow still to cover
Near the summit of Mangaweka Peak, which is a large flat ridge - Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe to the north west
A view near Managaweka's summit (far left) looking east, from left, to Te Atuaoparapara (1,687m), Rangioteatua (1,704m), Paemutu (1,682m), Ohuinga (1,686m) and, along Sawtooth ridge, Teraha (1,668m). Iron Peg is in the far right foreground
A closer view east from near Mangaweka's summit
Summit view (1,731m)
My route back from the summit over Iron and Wooden Peg, then down the ridge to Purity Hut. Now, at least I had my own steps to use, rather than more crashing through fragile snow crust
On the ridge at about 1,500m
Purity Hut
Ruapehu, viewed from about 1,000m, on the descent through forest
Ruapehu, from back down in farmland

Read about it – Top of the Ruahines Wilderness Magazine June 2017


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