Occasional Climber

Ngauruhoe, January 2013

At 1,300m on the Tongariro Crossing route, above Mangatepopo Hut
Climbing above the South Crater (1,659m), at about 1,800m on the northern side of Ngauruhoe
Looking up the fall line on Ngauruhoe, at about 1,800m
On the crater rim of Ngauruhoe, at about 2,250m, looking into the crater
Summit view north east, to the Blue Lake (1,725m)
Volcanic activity on the crater rim
The Red Crater (1,868m) and Blue Lake, with the southern shore of Lake Taupo in the distance
Summit view north east, of the Tongariro Crossing
Climbers on the southern rim of Mount Ngauruhoe (2,278m), with Mount Ruapehu (2,797m) behind
View from the southern rim of Ngauruhoe, with the Tama Lakes below and Mount Ruapehu
Looking in to Ngauruhoe's crater
Ngauruhoe's crater rim, with the Blue Lake behind
View north and west, from the summit of Tongariro (1,967m) at right, down the ridge to Mangatopopo Hut (1,190m)


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