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In the mountains – NZ North Island

Mount Taranaki and the Pouakais, from below the summit of Mount Tongariro, at sunset
Ascending steep terrain at about 1,700m, Mt Taranaki
Breeching the crater wall at 2,400m from the south, with the true summit (2,518m) centre and the Sharks Tooth (2,510m) right, Mt Taranaki
The Sharks Tooth (2,510m, left) and true summit (2,518m, right), Mt Taranaki
Climbing the north east side of the Sharks Tooth, Mt Taranaki
Summit view north and east, Mt Taranaki
A climber on the south west face of the Sharks Tooth, Mt Taranaki
Lunch break on the crater rim, Mt Taranaki
Mt Ruapehu, viewed from the Kaimanawas to the east
Traversing above Mangaehuehu Glacier, with Girdlestone (2,658m) above right, Mt Ruapehu
Girdlestone summit view, north and east - from left, Tahurangi (2,797m), Tukino (2,720m), Te HeuHeu (2,732m) and Mitre/Ringatoto (2,591m), Mt Ruapehu
View from Mitre/Ringatoto Peak west to Girdlestone (2,658m - left), Tahurangi (2,797m - centre) and Paretetaitonga (2,751m - right), Mt Ruapehu
View from Mitre/Ringatoto Peak north west to Paretetaitonga (2,751m), Mt Ruapehu
Just below the summit of Tahurangi, Mt Ruapehu
At 2,750m, on the summit Ridge of Tahurangi, Mt Ruapehu
View from the crater rim, looking south to the north face of Tahurangi, Mt Ruapehu
At the southern end of the Summit Plateau (2,600m). Dome Shelter (2,672m) is at left on the skyline. Tukino (2,720m) and Te HeuHeu (2,732m) are right of centre and Pyramid Peak (2,645m) is right, Mt Ruapehu
The north face of Tahurangi at dawn, Mt Ruapehu
Climbing the south west face of Paretetaitonga, Mt Ruapehu
On top of Paretetaitonga (2,751m), looking south to Tahurangi (2,797m), Mt Ruapehu
Nearly at the notch, which gives access to the snow slopes on the north side of Tukino and Te HeuHeu, Mt Ruapehu
Approaching the crux above this ice wall, climbing Te HeuHeu, Mt Ruapehu
On the board walks at about 1,200m, Tongariro Crossing
At about 1,400m, looking to Tongariro (left) and Ngauruhoe
On Tongariro's summit (1,967m), with Ngauruhoe (2,287m) behind
Sunset at camp (1,820m) between Tongariro (behind) and the North Crater
Dawn on North Crater's southern rim (1,909m), looking north, Tongariro National Park
Heading around the eastern side of Blue Lake with, from left, Ruapehu, Red Crater, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro ahead
The gradient of Mount Ngauruhoe, on the north side
Nearing the highest point of the crater rim (2,287m), Mt Ngauruhoe
View from the southern rim of Mt Ngauruhoe, with the Tama Lakes below and Mount Ruapehu
The Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing
A view on the ridge about a third of the way between Iron Peg and Ohuinga, Ruahines
Looking south from Ohuinga, along Sawtooth Ridge to Tiraha Peak (1,668m), Ruahines
Dawn view on the saddle, west to Te Hekenga (1,695m - left), Mount Ruapehu (2,797m - centre) and Mangaweka (1,731m - right), Ruahines
Mount Ruapehu hovers on a sea of cloud, viewed from Tiraha, Ruahines
A view from the saddle beneath Tiraha, looking west to Te Hekenga (left), Mount Ruapehu and Mangaweka (centre skyline), Ruahines
Looking back from beneath the summit Te Kehenga to the cheval. Tiraha is the cone on the right skyline, Ruahines
Heading northwest and down towards Pourangaki (1,539m), enjoying fine views of Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe, Ruahines
En route down to Kelly Knight Hut, Ruahines
Crossing the Pourangaki River, just beyond Kelly Knight Hut, Ruahines
Above the true right of the Pourangaki River, looking across to Kelly Knight Hut, Ruahines
Departing West Peak (1,335m), with Walker (1,392m) ahead, Tararuas
On the narrow ridge leading to Pukemoremore (1,474m), Tararuas
On the narrow ridge leading to Pukemoremore (1,474m), Tararuas
On the ridge east of Dundas Hut, en route to Cattle Ridge, Tararuas
Looking south from beneath the summit of Mitre (1,571m) to Peggy's Peak (1,545m), Tararuas
The rocky ridge between Girdlestone and Adkin (1,450m - centre). The Three Kings, Broken Axe Pinnacles and McGregor are above and behind Adkin, Tararuas
Goblin forest at about 900m between Blue Ridge Hut and Cow Creek, Tararuas
Looking north west along the ridge to Bannister (low peak centre and summit right), Tararuas
Arete (1,505m) summit view south west to Lancaster (1,504m - centre) and the main Tararua Range
The tarn (1,370m) just above Arete Bivy, with Bannister and the Twins left, Blue Range centre and Table Ridge right, Tararuas
View east down the steep, rugged Pinnacle Ridge, with the Blue Range behind. Bannister is far left, Tararuas
On the up and down, rooty trail before Mitre Flats Hut (350m), Tararuas
View on the Waingawa River descent from Mitre Flats Hut, Tararuas
One of several river crossings on the stream bed route along Orongorongo River
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