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Langtang & Helambu – Langtang to Kyanjin Gompa

As the dawn sun peaks over the ridge, Langtang becomes visible
Langtang was the largest village in the region. Very Tibetan in appearance, but with a large contingency of guest houses to cater for the trekkers. Tragically, this village was devastated during the 2015 earthquakes
Langtang Gompa sat at the lower end of Langtang, but a little above the village on the slopes of the massive valley wall
The 'Tight Five' - gompa urchins keeping an eye on things as we explored Langtang Gompa
From Langtang Gompa, looking towards Langtang and beyond. The snow peak at left is Tserko Ri (4,990m) – an excellent trekking peak that affords beautiful views of the surrounding region
On our return from Kyanjin Gompa, in Langtang, we checked in to the Langtang Lirung Hotel. A good choice on account of the friendliness of the family living there and also mum’s cooking – delicious apple pie
The ornate kitchen, obviously a source of pride for our hostess, was imported from Tibet. At the Langtang Lirung Hotel, Langtang
Another fine example of a mani stone featured in a mani wall above Langtang
Back on the trail above Langtang, a regular daily occurrence is captured on film as a thin stream of cloud finds its way up the valley. This normally evaporated at dusk
Progressing towards Kyanjin Gompa
A mani stone covered in Tibetan characters
A group of locals head down from Kyanjin Gompa to Langtang
As we got closer to Kyanjin Gompa the terrain opened out into a broad rocky basin. Lenpo Gang (7,083m) is the beautiful fluted peak at centre. Tserko Ri is on the left (4,990m)
On our return to Langtang, the moon remained clearly visible in a crystal sky, hovering above Lenpo Gang (7,083m) > Kyanjin Gompa and Kyanjin Ri

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