Occasional Climber

The Quarterdeck, November 2016

Aspiring Hut, looking north east up the Matukituki Valley
Pearl Flat, with the step forested section of French Ridge leading into the clouds on the right. French Ridge Hut is at the snowline at 1,480m
Gloomy Gorge, with French Ridge on the left
Tarns at about 1,100m on French Ridge
Just below French Ridge Hut, looking back down the ridge to the Matukituki Valley
French Ridge Hut (1,480m). The ridge continues upwards beyond the snowline to the left
French Ridge Hut and throne, which points to the tiny red dot of Liverpool Hut across the valley to the south west
Optimists heading for Mount French
Plodding up French Ridge, with Gloomy Gorge to the right living up to its name
Working our way through the ice cliffs on the upper part of the Quarterdeck
Heading down. We reached a bit over 2,100m but driving sleet, deep soft avalanche prone snow and near zero visibility suggested that going on was a dumb idea
Hut conference - weather forecast remains bad, time to retreat and see if we can find somewhere better to climb (see Mount Wakefield)
The view back down French Ridge on our descent
Back down in the valley, with all the waterfall action about it felt a little like Fiordland


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