Occasional Climber

On the move, September 1992 & November 1990

It’s hard to guess just what age the old folk of Tibet are, but their leathery faces tell a story of an adaptable people in a harsh land
The seemingly endless road from Golmud eventually leads up on to the Tibetan Plateau
The big peaks of the Nepal Himalaya loom up at eye level on the flight from Kathmandu to Conggar. Mt Everest is far right
Although the sea of huge snow and ice covered peaks is bewildering, the Everest group is still unmistakable – tallest of the tall
The Kanchenjunga massif, seen from 10,000 metres en route from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Gongar airport)
A local woman passes time as she rides the ferry across the Yarlung Zangbo Jiang. Somewhere on the far bank lies Samye Gompa
A sandy track marks the way to Samye Gompa
Stupas and Buddhist rock paintings proliferate on the approach to Samye Gompa
A short climb into the hills above Samye is rewarded with this bird's eye view. The ancient monastery is near the centre
Outside the parched mud walls of Samye Gompa
In the main courtyard of Samye Gompa
Young Buddhist monks survey the scene from a balcony beneath the central chamber of Samye Gompa
Buddhist deitys sit enthroned in the main chamber of Samye Gompa
Weather beaten prayer flags on Khamba La (5,100m) provide an interesting foreground to Yamdrok Tso and Kula Kangri (7,554m)
A view of Yamdrok Tso on the descent from Khamba La
A view of Kula Kangri (7,554m) from near the shore of Yamdrok Tso (4,482m)
A glacier seen from the road on the approach to Karo La
Prayer flags mark Karo La (5,050m). Nison Kang Sa (7,250m) soars up behind
Looking down from Karo La towards Gyantse
Upon reaching Po La (5,100m), the view down the southern side of the pass looks no less desolate than on the approach
Dust swirls about the mighty ramparts of Sakya Gompa
The village of Sayka is distinctive for its gray walled buildings
A local farmer employs hoof power to plough his fields. The yak, when cross-bred with cows, makes for a sturdy yet docile worker
Full-blooded yaks graze near their nomad owners, below Lak Pa La
Prayer flags chatter in the stiff breeze on Lak Pa La (5,100m)
A local woman near Lak Pa La. Turquoise jewelry is very popular with the Tibetans
A tiny village below the Lak Pa La (5,100m)

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