Occasional Climber

Lhasa, September 1992 and November 1990

The now world famous Potala. Today it looks different from how it did here in 1992. The lake is gone and replaced by a huge concrete pad; and the buildings surrounding it have become predominently large modern concrete Chinese structures
A young Khampa from Eastern Tibet poses proudly at the foot of the Potala, Lhasa (3,630m)
Meat on sale on the sidewalk leading to the Potala
A local tries his luck at begging from the tourists in old Lhasa
A local beauty poses in the Bakhor, outside the main entrance to the Jokhang
An old local lady enjoys the cut and thrust of bargaining in the Barkhor
Soldiers cap, made in China. Plucky urchin, made in Tibet
Out in front of the Jokhang a Khampa musician entertains passers by
Situated on the circuit surrounding the Jokhang, Monks chant to earn donations from passing pilgrims
Some pilgrims are more outwardly devout than others. This prostrator has come well prepared with sturdy elbow and knee pads
Down, up, down, up - countless times. Prostrating is clearly hard work
People continuously come and go across the courtyard between Renmin Lu and the Jokhang
A jewelry trader sports her wares, outside the Jokhang
Viewed from the ramparts of the Jokhang, hundreds of pilgrims wear the stone slabs of the courtyard smooth with their countless prostrations
Up on the roof of the Jokhang one of the resident monks plays host
Enthroned inside the most sacred chamber in the Jokhang is the 700 years old Jowo Sakayamuni
From the shadows of seven centuries, another Buddhist deity looms out over a broad yak butter lamp
Buddhist symbols on top of the Jokhang are silhouetted against the last glow of the sun
The moon light catches the guilded rooves and sculptures covering the Jokhang
The Potala, viewed from the roof of the Jokhang
Tibetan pilgrims surge up the staircase leading into the Potala
A view back towards Lhasa from the Potala
An ornate entrace way to one of numerous chambers within the Potala
One of many intricate statues contained within and on the Potala
Patient pilgrims wait in line to enter one of the countless chambers of the Potala
From every angle the Potala is a magnificent spectacle
A less known rear view of the Potala
Goldfish provide a colourful foreground to this rear side view of the Potala
Another view of the Potala, this time from the banks of the Lhasa River
A Buddhist Tanka, on sale in one of Lhasa’s art houses
A closer look at part of a Buddhist Tanka
Prayer flags, draped in layers by pilgrims outside the Jokhang
Decorative stucco on a residential wall in central Lhasa
Buddhist symbolism atop the Norbulinka – the Dalai Lama’s summer palace
A Buddhist statue within the Norbulinka
A view from the top of Sera Gompa, clearly showing the damage this Buddhist centre suffered in the name of the “peoples revolution”
Rock paintings above Sera Gompa
A gathering of Monks at Sera Gompa
A beautifully carved and painted doorway at Sera Gompa, so typical of Tibetan Monasteries
A novice monk at Sera Gompa pauses from his studies
Buddhist deities draped with silk scarves inside Sera Gompa
Monks prepare a bulk brew of butter tea in the kitchen at Sera Gompa
Drepung Gompa is like a small town on the hills outside Lhasa
An altar within one of the chambers of Drepung Gompa

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