Occasional Climber

Karakoram Highway – Khunjerab Pass, August 1992

The flowers make a lovely contrast to their barren surroundings in Gilmit
Another lovingly decorated truck grinds its way along the Karakoram Highway near Gilmit
A herd of yaks near the Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side
Looking South, back down the Karakoram Highway, from below Khunjerab Pass
From 4,730 metres on a dismal day, this was the view from the Khunjerab Pass Northwards into China. Even in this grey weather, the rounded mountains of the Pamir provide a startling contrast to the jagged ramparts of the Karakoram
Also providing a noticeable contrast to his Moslem brothers on the southern side of the Khunjerab Pass, this Uighur herdsman staunchly strikes a pose beside his prized half-breed animal. He is seen here on the outskirts of the border town of Piralee
These Uighur children seemed to have their parent's roadside stall under control when we arrived in Piralee. Here is another typical example of how Asian children take seemingly big responsibilities well within their stride at an early age
A yurt on the shores of Karakul Lake
Many Uighurs are nomadic herds people. However, the land that they roam is very exposed and windswept, necessitating sturdy shelters, despite their nomadic lifestyle. Their answer is the "Yurt", a very sturdy but readily transportable tent. This picture details the roll-down animal hide door of a yurt that I spent a night inside on the shores of Karakul Lake

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