Occasional Climber

Three peaks! A Yak with Cho Oyu between his horns, Gokyo
Gokyo panorama. Gokyo Ri is centre (5,483m), with Cho Oyu (8,201m) to its right
Who will blink first?! Ben communes with an aging Yak
Bouncing pebbles off the frozen surface of Gokyo Lake
At the lower end of Gokyo Lake
A tea house view that's hard to beat, Gokyo (4,750m)
Our hosts at the Gokyo Lodge
Gokyo village (4,750m), with Renjo La (5,350m) reflected on the lake surface
Gokyo (4,750m), seen from the moraine of the Ngozumpa Glacier
Gokyo and lake, looking towards Renjo La
In Gokyo after snowfall, with Cho Oyu behind
Cho Oyu (8,201m)
Cho Oyu (8,201m)
Yaks make their way around Gokyo Lake (4,750m)
Ice, snow, water and vapour all come together on the Ngozumpa Glacier, viewed from the moraine above Gokyo
Cholatse and Tawoche, seen from the moraine of the Ngozumpa Glacier above Gokyo  > Gokyo to the Sixth Lake

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