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Langtang & Helambu – Lama Hotel to Syabru

Seen from near Syarbrubesi, the many valleys of the foothills stretched away into the distance
Having descended 1,650m during the day, we arrived at Bamboo (1,850m). Through the trees we could see Syabru (2,130m). It seemed very close, but the trail dropped another 300m to an aptly named place called Landslide lodge, before another big ascent. So we left that one for the next morning
Well into the ascent above Landslide lodge, views of the huge valley walls across the Langtang Khola reminded us about the size of the hill we were climbing. It was hot work too down at this lower altitude
On the ascent above Landslide lodge, this view through "electric wood" is of the huge valley walls across the Langtang Khola
A well timed tea house selling cold Cokes appeared round a bend in the trail a little before lower Syabru. The children living there were typically friendly and inquisitive
Syabru is a village spread over a large open area, starting below 2,000m and ending at about 2,150m. So it took a while to pass through it. The scenes were varied and numerous though - a nice chance to see the local people busy at the chores of a typical November day  > Syabru to Laurabina Yak

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