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Annapurna Circuit – Pisang to Ghyaru

Another impressive example of a mani stone, this one set in a wall below Ghyaru
On the climb to Ghyaru, I was shrouded in shifting mist. Occasionally, a glimpse of some massive alpine structure appeared. This sweeping snow ridge appears large, but it is just one tiny portion of an enormous 4,500 metre face that towers up to the summit of Annapurna 2
Dotted all over the pasturelands below Ghyaru were strange snow mounds. I have yet to learn an explanation for them
A chorten at the lower end of Ghyaru (3,700m)
A local clears freshly fallen snow from a stack of fire wood, Ghyaru
From beneath prayer flags on the roof of Ghyaru Gompa, I get the feeling that I’m in Tibet. It is clearly apparent that Ghyaru was established by Tibetans
Ghyaru Gompa is a fine example of a small Tibetan Buddhist monastery. This is the main chamber
The fearsome mask of a protector hangs from an internal pillar, Ghyaru Gompa
Buddhist scriptures, stored in their cubby-holes, line the walls. Ghyaru Gompa
The Abbot of Ghyaru Gompa proudly shows off two of the thousands of tablets held at Ghyaru Gompa
A closer look reveals the graphic, yet delicate Tibetan script covering each tablet. Ghyaru Gompa
In the stone school yard of Ghyaru primary school, kids practice their reading in small clusters
he children are aged between 4 and 12 at Ghyaru primary school
They practice their words by chanting together. Ghyaru primary school
Materially, the children have very little, but they seem happy enough. Ghyaru primary school
Inside one of the classrooms the pupils sit at simple wooden benches, contained within rough stone walls. Ghyaru primary school
The Head Master of Ghyaru primary school proudly oversees things while the King and Queen of Nepal look on
A school photo is a rare occasion at Ghyaru primary school
In the early evening after the children have gone home, Ghyaru primary school sits silently. Across the valley the Annapurna massif towers overhead
Annapurna 2, seen from Ghyaru
Annapurna 2, seen from Ghyaru
Annapurna 2 under full moon light. The snow ridge seen in the second image of this slide show can be seen clearly at bottom left of centre. Also, just above it you can see the old man’s face
Annapurna 2 at dawn, seen from Ghyaru
Annapurna 2, drenched in sunlight at dawn, seen from Ghyaru
Up at dawn, the people of Ghyaru are not so aware of the magnificent spectacle unveiling behind them as their trekker guests. Things to do, places to be
A short climb above Ghyaru lies a group of chortens and prayer flags – the perfect spot to watch the sun rise in a crystal clear sky over the Annapurnas
Annapurna 2, viewed from above Ghyaru
Annapurna 2, viewed from above Ghyaru
Ghyaru, at 3,700m above sea level it's still over 4,000m lower than Annapurna 2  > Ghyaru to Manang

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