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Mountain culture – NZ North Island

Sunrise, Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak, Mt Taranaki
Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak, Mt Taranaki
Inside an ice encrusted Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak, Mt Taranaki
Inside Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak, Mt Taranaki
A campsite beside the tarns near Iron Peg (1,703m), Ruahines
Campsite beneath Tiraha (1,668m) at dawn, looking out to the Hawkes Bay, Ruahines
Clouds swirl in from the west, partly obscuring a cairn on the saddle and the sun itself, beneath Tiraha, Ruahines
An impromptu campsite set up on the trail at 1,250m, above Kelly Knight Hut in the Ruahines
Inside 2 bunk Arete Bivy, Tararuas
The memorial cross to soldiers killed in the second world war, on the summit of Mount Hector (1,529m), looking north, Tararuas
Sunset, Elder Hut (1,103m), Tararuas
Inside Jumbo Hut (1,130m), Tararuas
Tarn chilled, beside Kime Hut (1,400m), Tararuas
The Kaikouras, viewed from near Kime Hut at sunset, Tararuas
A blizzard at Tukino Village (1,700m), with Te HeuHeu (2,732m) behind, Mt Ruapehu    Mountain culture > NZ South Island > Roof of the World

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