Occasional Climber

Mt Hopeless via Sunset Saddle, April 2009

View south west from Angelus Peak (2,075m), to Mount Hopeless (2,278m)
At a tarn on the south side of Sunset Saddle (1,900m)
Descending Sunset Saddle, towards Hopeless Hut
View south east, down Hopeless Creek
View back up towards Sunset Saddle and Angelus Peak, on the descent to Hopeless Hut
The walls below Sunset Saddle on the Hopeless Creek side
Hopeless Hut (about 1,000m)
Heading south, up the ridge leading to Mount Hopeless
Ascending the step rocky ridge beneath Mount Hopeless
View north to Angelus Peak, on the ascent of the ridge
At about 1,800m, beneath the summit of Mount Hopeless
The route to the summit heads diagonally from the left, up the snow, then left into the shadow, in behind the step buttress left of centre
At about 2,000m, beneath the summit
View east from about 2,000m on Mount Hopeless
Ascending a stepper section left of the rock buttress
At about 2,150m, following a snow seam upwards
Following a snow seam upwards
At about 2,200m. Time for the rope for the last exposed section, up rotten rock and snow
Pitching beneath the summit
On belay
Nearing the summit
On the summit ridge, just as thick cloud rolls in
Summit view east into rock walls and swirling cloud
Beside a tarn at about 1,900m, on the descent
Heading north east and down, towards Hopeless Hut
The descent is sufficiently steep that coming down is not much quicker than going up
Clouds billowing in from Sunset Saddle
A moss bed beside the trail out to the Travers valley
On the lower section of Hopeless Creek
View west back up to the peaks
Pondering the remainder of our journey, from the jetty at Cold Water Hut


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