Occasional Climber

Mt Cupola, July 2008

Looking toward the Angelus Ridge and Travers Range, from the approach up Lake Rotoiti
Cold Water Hut, at the south end of Lake Rotoiti
View south towards Mount Travers (2,338m), Mount Cupola (2,260m) and Angelus Ridge
Heading south to John Tait Hut
Peaks west of the trail
John Tait Hut (800m), with Mount Travers (2,338m) behind
Part of the Travers Range, viewed on the approach to Cupola Hut
A frozen puddle on the trail
Mount Hopeless is right, viewed on the ascent to Cupola Hut
Digging our way in to Cupola Hut (1,380m). Mount Hopeless is on the centre skyline. Mount Cupola left, out of the picture, above the hut
Keeping warm at Cupola Hut
View west to the Travers Range and Mount Cupola (left), directly above Cupola Hut
Above Cupola Hut, looking north to Mount Hopeless. The Hopeless Couloir is easy to spot, as is the exposure from the cliffs below it
Heading up to the Travers Range, to the crag above right - a point at 1,940m, between Mounts Cupola and Hopeless
Getting closer to out objective
A snow chute lead up to the summit of the crag, which became steep and icy below the top
On the Travers Range at 1,940m, looking south to a high point at 2,120m, with Mount Cupola (2,260m) behind
View north to Mount Hopeless
Heading to Mount Cupola, in deep snow and deteriorating weather
Crossing avalanche debris
Turn around point - all we could do was laugh
Returning to Cupola Hut
Heading out from John Tait Hut, the plan being to beat the impending weather bomb back to civilisation
Pleased to be exiting the water taxi at St Arnaud, as the lake became increasing choppy


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