Occasional Climber

Tapuae o Uenuku, August 2007

The Kaikouras from the east
Tapuae o Uenuku (2,885m) at dawn on the approach up the Awatere River valley. Mount Alarm (2,877m) is to the right
Awatere River valley dawn view, looking south
View southwards
Tapuae o Uenuku (2,885m) at dawn on the approach up the Awatere River valley. Mount Alarm (2,877m) is to the right and Mitre (2,621m) far right
From left - Crows Nest (2,449m), Tapuae o Uenuku (2,885m), Alarm (2,877m) and Mitre (2,621m)
A view from the northern end of Awatere Valley
Setting off from Gladstone Downs
The Shin River
The Shin River
Wild goats up the Shin River
Wild goats, Shin River
Upper Shin River
Upper Shin River
Near the head of the Shin River
Camping out at the headwaters of the Shin River
Tapuae o Uenuku from the Shin River
Heading up the Hodder River
Hodder River
Wild pigs up the Hodder River
About half way along the Hodder River approach
Nearing the Hodder Huts
The Hodders Huts (1,430m)
View back down the Hodder valley just below the Hodder Huts
Hodder Huts (1,430m) - 6 and 12 bunks
Dawn view looking back to the Red Hills and Hodder Valley
Climbing south east up Staircase Stream
Looking south to Alarm
Westward view down the gully above Separation Stream at about 2,100m
The Couloir leading to the summit ridge (right skyline) - about 100m, starting at around 2,600m. Pinnacle (2,720m) is at left
Looking west from near the bottom of the couloir
Heading up the summit ridge, having just exited the couloir at about 2,700m
The view south up the summit ridge
View north from the summit ridge to Pinnacle and Crows Nest
Climbers just above the couloir exit
On the summit ridge, looking north
On the summit ridge
On the summit of Tapuae o Uenuku (2,885m), looking south west to Alarm (2,877m, at left)
Alarm (2,877m)
Summit view north to Pinnacle, Crows Nest and beyond
Summit view south east to the Seaward Kaikouras
Descending the couloir
Exiting Separation Stream above the Hodder Huts
Retracing our steps down the Hodder River
Wild Goat
From left - Crows Nest (2,449m), Pinnacle (2,720m), Tapuae o Uenuku (2,885m), Alarm (2,877m) and Mitre (2,621m)


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