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Mts Aspiring and Bevan, January 2003

Mount Aspiring (3,033m, right), viewed to the north west from Lake Wanaka
The confluence of the east and west branches of the Matukituki River, with Mount Avalanche (2,606m, centre) and Mount Aspiring (3,033m, right)
Mount Avalanche left, Aspiring right of centre and Popes Nose (2,700m) right
Mount Aspiring, the Quarterdeck and Popes Nose
Drop off at Bevan Col (1,851m)
Bevan Col
View from Bevan Col to the north west ridge of Aspiring
Mount Bevan (2,030m)
The south west ridge of Mount Aspiring, viewed from Mount Bevan
Mount Aspiring and Bonar Glacier, viewed from the summit of Mount Bevan
The Ramp route up Mount Aspiring begins above the climber's head, climbing diagonally right up the snow ramp to the snow ridge, then on to the summit
A full view of the route we took. From bottom left, a bergschrund is crossed to access the ramp from the Bonar Glacier. This leads diagonally up exposed snow slopes to the north west ridge; and then on to the summit
The icefall at the northern end of the Bonar Glacier
View north west from Mount Bevan, to the head of Waipara River and the Waipara Range
View south from Bevan Col, down the west branch of the Matukituki River
Setting up camp on the Bonar Glacier at about 1,850m. Aspiring's summit is nearly 1.200 vertical kms directly above
View south east at our campsite on the Bonar Glacier
Mount Aspiring at sunset
Taking a breather at the top of the Ramp, on the north east ridge at about 2,500m
Looking up the north east ridge to the summit, cloaked in hogs back cloud
At about 2,800m on the north east ridge, looking north to the Rolling Pin (2,249m) and Main Royal (2,268m)
View north east, across the Therma Glacier
View north east, across the Therma Glacier
Just below the summit, looking back down the north east ridge
On the summit of Mount Aspiring (3,033m), looking south
On the summit of Mount Aspiring (3,033m), looking south. Mount Earnslaw (2,830m) is on the left skyline and Mounts Madeline (2,516m) and Tutoko (2,723m) on the right
The very tip of Aspiring's summit is the snow lip across the bottom of this picture. Above that is the Matukituki River and, then to the right on the skyline, Mount Earnslaw
This view looks down the Coxcomb ridge of Aspiring (bottom left). This leads to Skylla, Charybdis and Aeroplane on the left. The lake is at the head of the Kitchener River, pointing to Dragonfly Peak. Popes Nose and the edge of the Quarterdeck are on the right
View north from our Bonar Glacier camp, as the weather turns
Heading up the Bonar Glacier towards Quarterdeck Pass (2,290m)
Ascending the Bonar Glacier
Crossing the bergschrund below Quarterdeck Pass, en route to French Ridge Hut (1,480m)


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