Occasional Climber

Mt Taranaki via Tahurangi Lodge, Jul 2017

At about 1,000m on the service road below Tahurangi Lodge
Approaching Tahurangi Lodge (1,510m)
View to the summit from Tahurangi Lodge
Some rope work at Tahurangi Lodge - prusik practice
Departing Tahurangi Lodge at dawn
Thin conditions for mid-July beneath the Lizard
At about 1,650m beneath the Lizard
Nearing the base of the Lizard at about 1,750m
Heading up the poled route at about 1,800m
Heading up the poled route at about 1,900m
Heading up the poled route at about 1,900m
Visibility reducing and gradient steepening at about 2,200m
On the retreat at about 2,300m
Sheltering from snow squalls back down at 2,000m
Plenty of weather action going on
Crampon adjustments near the bottom of the Lizard
More weather action back down at Tahurangi Lodge
The mountain next day - the one I should have chosen for summit day! The forecasts for both days were near identical, on paper at least
Mount Taranaki from near Stratford

Read about it – One day early Vertigo July 2017

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