Occasional Climber

Mt Taranaki via Fantham’s Peak, Aug 2014

At about 1,400m, on the ascent of the Fanthams Peak track
Ascending steeper terrain at about 1,700m
At about 1,700m
At 1,900m, on the east side of Fanthams Peak
Crossing Fanthams Peak to Syme Hut
Syme Hut ahead
Syme Hut (1,966m)
The rime encrusted western end of Syme Hut
Mounts Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe to the north east
The main summit of Taranaki Mount Egmont (2,518m), from the icicle encrusted window of Syme Hut
View west at sunset, from Fanthams Peak
Taranaki's western coastline
Dawn view, north east from Fanthams Peak
Syme Hut and throne, at sunrise
The main summit at sunrise
The route from Fanthams Peak to the main summit
Breeching the crater wall at 2,400m from the south, with the true summit (2,518m) centre and the Sharks Tooth (2,510m) right
Summit view east, across the Sharks Tooth, to Mount Ruapehu
Summit view north and east
View east, across the Sharks Tooth, to Mounts Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe
Summit view north, with the Turtle below
Rime ice on the summit
Cirrus cloud and the Sharks Tooth
View south, from the crater rim at 2,400m, to Fanthams Peak
The main summit and the Sisters
Mount Ruapehu (2,797m), from Fanthams peak

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