Occasional Climber

Godley Valley, east of Mt Cook, February 2015

Red Stag Hut (950 m)
Red Stag Hut
Red Stag Hut
The end of McKinnon Stream
Godley River looking towards Tekapo
Godley Hut (1,080 m)
Godley Hut
Hut bound at Godley Hut
Godley Hut with Maud Glacier view
Maud Glacier
View east to Panorama Peak and many others
The terminal lake of Maud and Grey Glaciers
The upper Godley River
The upper Godley River as it joins the terminal lake of Maud Glacier
Kea-proofing excess gear at the end of McKinnon Stream
The end of McKinnon Stream, as it joins the Godley River
Beats walking on river boulders
Panorama from Red Stag Hut in weather we had hoped for - on the way out!

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