Occasional Climber

Dundas Hut and Logan Peak, December 2014

Heading in from the road end beyond Putara
At about 500m, before the junction to Herepai Hut
At the junction (750m)
Herepai Hut (800m)
View north west, from Herepai Hut to Herepai (1,125m) and the ridge route beyond
View on the climb to Herepai
View westward along the ridge route
View eastward form near Herepai (1,125m), back down the ridge route
View west towards the East Peak
Micro galaxy along the trail
View south west along the route, towards East Peak (1,355m - centre) and West Peak (1,335m, right)
View east, to Herepai Hut, from near East Peak (1,355m)
On West Peak (1,335m), looking south west along the ridge route towards Walker (1,392m)
Heading south west to Walker (1,392m)
Climbing towards Walker
Rugged terrain tumbling off the main ridge
Coming down the south side of Walker
Beyond Walker, heading for Pukemoremore (1,474m)
On the narrowing ridge before Pukemoremore, with the Dome (1,410m) at centre
Coming along the narrow rock ridge of Pukemoremore, at about 1,460m
View from the top of Pukemoremore (1,474m), south to Dundas Hut, perched on a subsidiary spur below at 1,220m
View south and east from Pukemoremore
In the dip south of Pukemoremore (1,350m) and north of Logan (1,500m), looking east to Dundas Hut
Looking west, up the ridge leading to Dundas Hut from the Ruamahanga River. Due to flash flooding we could not cross this river, hence the need to return to Dundas Hut
View up the ridge from Ruamahanga River to Dundas Hut
View west from the ridge, to Dundas Hut
Dundas Hut (1,220m)
Seeing the funny side of a wet, dinnerless, unplanned extra day, at Dundas Hut


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